RDO strengthens links with ECC network

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3 Jun 2010

RDO strengthens links with ECC network

Representatives from the 30 European Consumer Centres (ECC), gathered in Mallorca for the network’s annual three-day conference earlier this month, had the opportunity to learn more about timeshare and the role of RDO and the Enforcement Project.


Alberto Garcia, head of RDO’s Enforcement Project, was invited to make a presentation to the ECC Network, to help dispel any misconceptions still held by ECC delegates concerning timeshare and used the occasion to improve mutual understanding and cooperation with RDO.


Alberto explained how RDO was fighting against fraud throughout the EU, working in close cooperation with the police and local authorities. He also explained the difference between timeshare and other fraudulent activities which are often wrongly associated with or classified as “timeshare”.


The meeting was hailed as a singular success by RDO, and an important step forward to help improve the image of timeshare across Europe. RDO will continue to update the ECC Network on future developments and offer advice to help them deal with consumer complaints related to timeshare.

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