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RCI Returns as Title Sponsor of the Christel House Open
17 Mar

RCI Returns as Title Sponsor of the Christel House Open

RCI celebrates its 11th consecutive year as title sponsor of the annual RCI® Christel House Open International Charity Golf Tournament. The tournament is held in several locations around the world and aims to raise awareness and funds for Christel House International, a charity committed to bettering the lives of impoverished children around the world. “Since the charity’s inception, Christel House has improved the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children through care, education and character development,” said Gordon Gurnik, president of RCI. “Over the past 11 years, I’m proud to announce we’ve helped Christel House raise $5.7 million in support of its mission to drive out...

16 Mar

Flagship Consulting wins Travel Marketing Award

Flagship Consulting has won a prestigious Travel Marketing Award for the Best Use of Social Media, for ABTA’s 2016 Earlybird campaign The Travel Marketing Awards, run by the Chartered Institute of Marketing Travel Group, recognises the most original, creative, innovative and best performing advertising, marketing and digital campaigns of the past year. The Best Use of Social Media judges were looking for entries that demonstrated the effective use of social media to raise awareness, change perceptions, engage audiences and ultimately – drive sales Flagship worked closely with the ABTA team to help the travel industry body promote its Earlybird campaign, encouraging people to book their...

14 Mar

Have you heard of the excellent charity Give us Time yet?

We are very pleased to announce that RDO members have once again proven their charitable mindset and commitment to worthy causes by supporting the excellent Give us Time charity. Throughout the world there are so many people in need and causes that are worthy of attention such as global hunger or the fight for human rights. These issues gain huge amounts of attention with a whole host of different charities aiming to solve these problems. One issue that doesn’t always get the recognition that it deserves though, is that of the stress that hard working military service personnel and their...

28 Feb

Have you heard of the excellent CLC World Charity Holidays programme?

As well as providing amazing holidays, many RDO member resorts are also very generous in terms of their charitable support to a variety of very worthy causes. This often includes large donations within the local community where the resort operates and/or further afield to help some of the most vulnerable groups and individuals in the world. We believe it is very important to give back to both the local community and to globally important causes, and that this should form a fundamental part of any modern, ethical business. This is also something that owners at timeshare resorts have clearly showed that...

RDO8 Conference
14 Feb

We’re Excited to be Able to Announce the Theme of RDO8 to You

After the overwhelming success of RDO7 last September we have been excited to get started on planning for RDO8, which once again promises to be an unmissable event. Each year we choose a different theme to reflect the changing focus of the Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Industry. We’re excited to announce to you that the theme for RDO8 will be “Together Towards Tomorrow” which is set to take place from the 10th – 12th September 2017 and will be returning to the legendary Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa in Marbella, Spain. Our team wanted to continue with the importance...

RDO & Mindtimeshare SL
7 Feb

RDO Enforcement & Mindtimeshare SL

Following a strategic review of how it carries out its enforcement activities, RDO has decided not to extend its contract with Mindtimeshare SL in Spain when it comes up for renewal at the end of April 2017. RDO had always made clear that once Alberto Garcia had stepped down from his role as Head of Enforcement and Director of Mindtimeshare in February 2016, it would need to review these activities after a 12 month period. In recent times, RDO has been far more proactive in its cooperation with law enforcement agencies investigating rogue businesses preying on timeshare owners and in supporting consumers...

Consumer alert: (January 2017)
19 Jan

Consumer alert: (January 2017)

The exchange company RCI Europe has been made aware of the above website/business which, despite not being a law firm, purports to offer claims and compensation services to consumers. RCI notes In particular that  there is a description on this website of the legal action that was brought against RCI under the aegis of the “RCI Action Group” and which was heard at trial at the High Court in London in 2016. This description is grossly misleading and contains statements that are straightforwardly untrue. In particular, RCI would like to stress that in a Judgment dated 20thOctober 2016 the court found in...

Why you can’t miss next year’s RDO Conference
6 Dec

Why you can’t miss next year’s RDO Conference

The RDO Conference is the only yearly event of its type in Europe, offering those who decide to attend a unique opportunity to learn from leading timeshare figures, and to have their say on the future and direction of the industry. If you are interested in timeshare, fractional ownership, or any other form of shared leisure ownership then the annual two day RDO Conference is a must which you can’t afford to miss! Each year the event has a different theme, linked to pressing issues within the timeshare industry, and a variety of amazing motivational speakers are invited to inspire...

30 Nov

Why You Must Value Content Creators More

In today’s world it has been increasingly shown that inbound marketing is far more effective at bringing in new guests, and increasing resort profits. This is opposed to pushy outbound marketing, that up until the recent digital revolution was still highly popular. Astonishingly, even as the evidence resoundingly points to the fact that tactics such as cold calling, bulk emails, leaflets and lengthy sales talks are far less useful than inbound marketing strategies involving digital content, many businesses, including timeshare resorts and hotels, are still persevering with  outdated outbound. This is not only a waste of time and money, but...