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20 Jun

How Video Will be Used to Increase Footfall at RCI Affiliated Resorts

RCI pioneered vacation exchange back in 1974, and now aims to make advertising this concept even simpler for member resorts. Whether it is a week’s right-to-use, points or club membership, or an exchange membership linked to the sale of a wholly-owned holiday home, RCI fully appreciate that the purchase of timeshare is only just the beginning of what should be an exciting leisure lifestyle for their customers. When aiming to close a sale, a highly compelling driver to achieving this, is the option of providing customers the amazing opportunity to swap their owned holiday experience with over 4,000...

Karma Group to debut in London's West End with the Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel
16 Jun

Karma Group to debut in London’s West End with the Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel

Karma Group have recently purchased an equity stake in the Sanctum Hospitality Group with The Sanctum Soho, one of the West End of London’s finest hotels, to be rebranded as Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel. An urban hideaway in the heart of London, the Sanctum Soho offers 30 beautiful rooms across four floors, including 8 crash pads, 4 Suites, 3 Junior Suites and 2 Loft Suites all finished with the highest calibre furnishings, chic décor and bohemian opulence. The hotel’s bars and restaurant are already legendary and additional facilities such as a private film screening room for 50 people, pop up tattoo...

13 Jun

Why Now is the Right Time to Reconsider Timeshare

When you think of the word timeshare, what springs to mind? While for some it might be stylish and carefree getaways in your favourite holiday destination, for others it could just as easily be pushy salespeople trying to bamboozle you into signing an unwanted, lengthy contract.  Unfortunately, for a number of years the word timeshare has had negative connotations in the minds of many people, due to the often unethical and unjust way it was sold in the past. This is all changing though as the holiday market goes through a massive shakeup. Timeshare is evolving into something that everyone...

7 Jun

TATOC Consumer Helpline

The TATOC consumer helpline, which provided advice, support and information to timeshare owners and other consumers, has ceased to offer a telephone service. Consumers with complaints or queries about non-RDO member companies should be directed to the Timeshare Task Force (TTF) website Assistance provided to consumers is free of charge and the TTF has built up an extensive knowledge of companies that operate both within and on the fringes of the timeshare industry. Those who wish information on buying or selling timeshare can visit the RDO website on: or RDO itself offers a free of charge complaint handling service about its...

CLC World Resorts & Hotels hosts families from UK charity at Costa del Sol resort
2 Jun

CLC World Resorts & Hotels hosts families from UK charity at Costa del Sol resort

CLC World Charity Holidays is providing 333 weeks of free accommodation during 2017 for select UK-based charities. As part of this initiative, seven families from Give Us Time, a charity offering UK military families a chance to rest and rehabilitate, stayed at the CLC Club La Costa World multi-resort for a week in May. A cava reception was held for the families hosted by Jennie Bond, UK broadcaster and journalist. Jennie, CLC World’s brand ambassador, enjoyed meeting the Give Us Time families and hearing about their experiences. In her welcome speech, she wished them well, saying: “I understand that being away...

31 May

Is Your Business Prepared for Brexit?

On 23rd June 2016, the majority of UK citizens who took part in the EU referendum made the unexpected decision to vote to leave the European Union. More than 30 million people voted with a turnout of 71.8% of those eligible to take part. The decision was extremely tight; the  Leave supporters won by 51.9% to 48.1%, showing just how divided the UK population was on this difficult decision. For many us who work within the travel and tourism industry, this was definitely not the result we wanted to see happen. There are many indications suggesting that the negative effects...

16 May

RDO is Proud to Support the Amazing Work of Christel House

RDO and the timeshare industry as a whole is passionate about giving back to communities in need and supporting people both locally and around the world. While of course it is very important to provide an excellent service to our owners and guests, we also understand that there are many around the world who are not fortunate enough to be able to enjoy vacations. In fact, shockingly, even in this modern age there are still hundreds of millions of people who barely have enough to eat or drink, and millions of children who receive little or no education. This is a...

RCI launches shared vacation ownership industry white paper
3 May

RCI Launches Shared Vacation Ownership Industry White Paper

RCI recently published a new global industry white paper on the shared vacation ownership industry to help educate, inspire and support potential new entrants into the business. It is also designed to assist the media, legislators and hospitality groups to better understand the leisure real estate industry. Created to support industry growth, the Leisure Real Estate Trends & Opportunities handbook demonstrates the credibility of shared vacation ownership products and markets, helping to demystify one of the fastest-growing and established industries in the hospitality sector. “RCI has been involved in facilitating the swapping and sharing of residential leisure real estate for more than...

2 May

Introducing RDO8 keynote speaker, Jamie McDonald

RDO is delighted to confirm that Jamie McDonald aka Adventureman will be one of our exciting keynote speakers at this year’s RDO8 “Together Towards Tomorrow” Conference which is taking place at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa located in Marbella, between the 10th-12th September 2017. Jamie is a fantastic addition to our lineup of motivational speakers as someone who will be able to offer a totally different perspective for attendees at RDO8. All of the inspirational individuals that have been picked to speak at RDO8 bring something unique and compelling to their presentations which are sure to get the audience...

25 Apr

Introducing RDO8 keynote speaker, Nigel Risner

RDO is delighted to welcome back Nigel Risner as one of our other amazing keynote speakers at this year’s RDO8 “Together Towards Tomorrow” Conference which is taking place at the Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa located in Marbella, between the 10th-12th September 2017. Nigel has an incredibly prolific and successful professional international speaking career of over 20 years which has seen him travelling the globe helping to inspire individuals and companies to be become happier and more successful. He is highly passionate about what he does and believes strongly that it is this passion for your mission that is...