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Brian Folley
1 Mar 2017

Brian Folley

We are sad to report the passing in January of Brian Folley who was one of the best known and respected figures in the timeshare industry. He had been in poor health for some time and died after a ten-week period of hospitalisation. His early career was spent both in the UK and the US in public relations and publishing, mainly in the airline business. In the late eighties he joined RCI as one of its original team based in Victoria in London, before the company moved to its new European headquarters in Kettering. He spent nearly twenty years with RCI during its rapid expansion...

EZE Group guilty of scamming consumers
20 Oct 2016

RCI wins Action Group court case

At a hearing in the High Court in London on October 20th, The Honourable Mrs Justice Proudman ruled in favour of RCI and against the test claimants. RDO was always confident that this would be the outcome and it is satisfied with the judgement that has been returned. As a founder member of RDO, RCI has signed up to a code of conduct that provides additional levels of protection to consumers and has long been an advocate of raising industry standards. RDO has sympathy for the consumers who took part in the Action Group case; they may well have been tempted to take part because of the...

“Trexit” – RDO leads the way
12 Oct 2016

Trexit – RDO leads the way

You heard it here first. Trexit, which I believe you classify as an acronym, was buzzing around the Conference hall at RDO7 last month, and coined by a number of our American delegates. Admittedly tongue in cheek, it was defined as what may happen after the US Presidential elections in November if Donald Trump wins the election. It is the reverse of Brexit in that individual Americans leave the country as a result of his election to office. Good news for estate agents in Central London, looking to sell some of the apartments the Chinese and Russians are no longer interested in! There...

So this is Christmas Chief Exedcutive Blog
17 Dec 2014

And So This Is Christmas…..

“Another year older …” (with acknowledgements to John Lennon), yes it’s that time of the year again, the Christmas trees are in the windows of our neighbours houses (we are lagging a bit behind this year) and Jonathon Ross (a local) has switched on the lights in “the Village” as we who live in NW3 like to call Hampstead. Enough of this nostalgia – just thought I would set the scene for a bit of a review of what has been somewhat of a roller coaster of a year for RDO and its members. Where do we start – with the...

RDO Protecting Timeshare Owners
4 Sep 2014

RDO YouTube Promotional Video

RDO has added a new video to the official RDO YouTube channel as part of its ongoing social media drive to educate the public about the benefits of the timeshare lifestyle. In the video, RDO chief executive Paul Gardner-Bougaard highlights the role the Resort Development Organisation plays within the industry as the official trade association for all the major developers in the EU who offer timeshare, and explains why it is important that consumers only purchase from RDO member companies. Describing the timeshare product itself, Paul says: “In terms of the quality of accommodation and experience, we don’t think it can be bettered...

6 May 2014

Improving Sales Operations To Avoid Claims – RDO ‘Best Practice’ Guidelines

Many claims companies that formally pursued PPP claims (payment protection plan for credit cards/loans etc) are now targeting the timeshare industry, seeing it as an easy way to make money, and there has been a consequential rise in the number of claims being made against resorts. There has also been an increase in the number of non-regulated companies that appear to have been set up to exploit consumers who simply wish to dispose of their timeshare but have no legitimate claim to make. Some of these we believe to be breaking laws, such as Data Protection and fishing for potential...

29 Apr 2014

RDO Statement on Timeshare Exits

There has recently been increasing media speculation and comment over timeshare owners’ ability to exit their timeshare as they grow older and can no longer enjoy their holidays. The timeshare trade body, RDO (Resort Development Organisation) and the timeshare owners association, TATOC (The Association of Timeshare Owners Committees) have been working closely over the last two years to find solutions for owners who have an urgent need to dispose of their timeshare.  At the outset, both organisations were mindful of the fact that the recession has taken its toll and that there was in part an ageing demographic amongst some owner...

16 Dec 2013

RDO Member Resorts Featured In The UK’s Sun Newspaper

There was an excellent timeshare piece in the Sun’s travel section, which ran over the weekend on Saturday 14 December. The Sun has the largest circulation of any daily newspaper in the UK, with over 2.2 million daily readers. The article showcased two timeshare resorts, Sol Amadores - Holiday Club Resorts - in Gran Canaria and Broome Park - Diamond Resort International® - in the UK. Journalist Stuart Pink visited the resorts with his family to test-drive the timeshare lifestyle and “provide an insight into a brave new world that isn’t just reserved for pensioners seeing out their days in the sun.” In...

28 Nov 2013

RDO & TATOC To Hold A Seminar For Sold Out And Owner-Run Resorts

RDO and TATOC are holding a seminar and lunch on Friday 7th March 2014 from 10 am to 2.30 pm, prior to the TATOC Annual Conference in Warrington next March. Experts from a range of fields will share their thoughts, provide general advice and guidance and answer questions on a host of topical issues including: Ageing ownership - Perpetuity contracts – what are your options, Introducing robust exit route programmes, Managing maintenance fee delinquencies Is your product right for today’s market?  Marketing tips on how to improve rentals & sales How to get behind the campaign to reduce VAT on tourism Resort management – do you have a cost-effective...

14 Oct 2013

Enduria Trav SL Affiliates to RDO

RDO is pleased to welcome Enduria Trav SL, a registered travel agency based in Gran Canaria, into membership. The company provides a full range of traditional travel products-flights, accommodations, cruise, car hire excursions, concerts, entertainment etc to members of the public. The Enduria Trav. SL Atlantic Experience product is specifically designed to serve as a lead generator for the shared ownership sector in offering short term fixed reservation holidays in high quality resorts in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria-Atlantic Beach Club, Club Excelsior II,Club Primavera and Club Tisaya Golf. Affiliated with the Travel Agents Association in Spain, it is now in its fifth year...