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ASA Ruling on Timeshare Relief UK
11 Mar

ASA Ruling on Timeshare Relief UK

KwikChex, as part of the Timeshare Task Force initiative, recently challenged two testimonials in an email for Timeshare Relief UK, a timeshare relinquishment company, stated "10th ANNIVERSARY NEWS SPECIAL. FINALLY - A BREAK FOR TIMESHARE VICTIMS. New Rules aim to end decades of pressure-selling and release thousands of people from costly and unfair contracts. Thousands of Britons trapped in onerous timeshare or ‘holiday club’ arrangements ...

ASA adjudication on Easy Consulting SL
8 Jan

ASA adjudication on Easy Consulting SL

Kwikchex, as part of the Timeshare Task Force initiative, recently challenged whether an advertisement on was misleading because it omitted what it believed was a significant condition that the prices of the holidays referred to were dependent on consumers attending a timeshare sales presentation, and failure to attend would mean incurring the full cost of the holiday accommodation. Kwikchex also challenged whether the statement that referred to holidays "at RCI… Affiliated Resorts" was misleading because it understood that the advertiser had no connection with RCI. Easy Consulting SL trading as did not respond to the ASA's enquiries. The ASA was...

ASA adjudication on Easy Consulting SL
23 Sep

ASA adjudication on Timeshare Solutions Ltd

KwikChex, as part of the Timeshare Task Force initiative, recently challenged two testimonials on the Timeshare Solutions Ltd website, questioning whether they were genuine as they also appeared on another website for a different claims company (although under different customer names). Although Timeshare Solutions Ltd initially said the similarities were down to the fact that the two companies operated in the same timeshare relinquishment industry, they later stated that they were not sure if they still held the testimonials because they were provided in 2014. They did, however state that they still held contact details for the individuals who had given...

9 Dec

European Timeshare Leaders Create a New Task Force

The leading businesses and bodies in the European timeshare sector have launched a new initiative to tackle issues that potentially affect hundreds of thousands of timeshare owners and consumers; the initiative also signifies a new era reflecting the great strides forward that the industry has taken in quality and integrity. The Timeshare Task Force brings together RDO’s own enforcement operation, resorts, timeshare owners, consumer organisations and law enforcement agencies to achieve common goals. At the top of the priority list is tackling the rogues that have been defrauding timeshare owners and consumers to the tune of millions of Euros. These fraudulent businesses...

5 Aug

“ Buckle Up Boys, You’re In For A Bumpy Ride”

So said Bette Davis in the opening few minutes of, I believe, “All About Eve” in which she starred against Joan Crawford - all I can remember is that it was in black and white and Davis descends a staircase at a party looking quite stunning and utters these lines as some man lights her cigarette  (I really must be getting old.) Don’t ask me why I remember it – I just thought it was a great line. It came back to me this week as there have been numerous discussions and questions over the activities of the Police in...