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14 Mar

Have you heard of the excellent charity Give us Time yet?

We are very pleased to announce that RDO members have once again proven their charitable mindset and commitment to worthy causes by supporting the excellent Give us Time charity. Throughout the world there are so many people in need and causes that are worthy of attention such as global hunger or the fight for human rights. These issues gain huge amounts of attention with a whole host of different charities aiming to solve these problems. One issue that doesn’t always get the recognition that it deserves though, is that of the stress that hard working military service personnel and their...

28 Feb

Have you heard of the excellent CLC World Charity Holidays programme?

As well as providing amazing holidays, many RDO member resorts are also very generous in terms of their charitable support to a variety of very worthy causes. This often includes large donations within the local community where the resort operates and/or further afield to help some of the most vulnerable groups and individuals in the world. We believe it is very important to give back to both the local community and to globally important causes, and that this should form a fundamental part of any modern, ethical business. This is also something that owners at timeshare resorts have clearly showed that...

RDO8 Conference
14 Feb

We’re Excited to be Able to Announce the Theme of RDO8 to You

After the overwhelming success of RDO7 last September we have been excited to get started on planning for RDO8, which once again promises to be an unmissable event. Each year we choose a different theme to reflect the changing focus of the Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Industry. We’re excited to announce to you that the theme for RDO8 will be “Together Towards Tomorrow” which is set to take place from the 10th – 12th September 2017 and will be returning to the legendary Don Carlos Leisure Resort & Spa in Marbella, Spain. Our team wanted to continue with the importance...

31 Jan

Why Ethical Selling is Essential to Your Success

The days of the dodgy salesmen and con artist are definitely numbered as the rules of the game have been completely flipped on their head. In this constantly connected world, consumers are now in the power position when it comes to most, if not all sales transactions. This can be seen everywhere you look. For example increasingly when people go out shopping in a physical store, they will compare the price displayed with prices across the internet simply by checking on their phone. They will then decide based on this whether it is worth buying the product in store or instead...

30 Nov

Why You Must Value Content Creators More

In today’s world it has been increasingly shown that inbound marketing is far more effective at bringing in new guests, and increasing resort profits. This is opposed to pushy outbound marketing, that up until the recent digital revolution was still highly popular. Astonishingly, even as the evidence resoundingly points to the fact that tactics such as cold calling, bulk emails, leaflets and lengthy sales talks are far less useful than inbound marketing strategies involving digital content, many businesses, including timeshare resorts and hotels, are still persevering with  outdated outbound. This is not only a waste of time and money, but...

Interview Gareth Dunlop
2 Nov

Digital leadership – getting off the back foot to win online via Gareth Dunlop

Like it or not, the digital revolution is here to stay and is only likely to increase and intensify in the coming months, years and decades. This includes social media, review websites, live video streaming, online influencer marketing, and augmented and virtual reality. Since the beginning of human history, people have had an intrinsic need to communicate and share information because we are inherently social animals. While this feature of humanity has not changed, the internet has dramatically intensified the possibilities for this. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have provided an amazing platform in which individuals,...

1 Nov

Happy International Timeshare Appreciation Day

In 2015, Travel & Tourism contributed $7.2 trillion to world GDP, representing 9.8% of total global GDP and has been growing for the past six years straight! In fact over the next decade, the Travel & Tourism sector is set to outperform the global economy with an expected average yearly growth of 4%. Clearly this sector is absolutely vital for the health of the global economy and timeshare represents a significant, but sometimes overlooked part of this exciting economic expansion. Today we would like to wish you all a very happy International Timeshare Appreciation Day, and invite you to join...

Team building session organised for over one hundred Anfi Group sales employees
26 Aug

Team building session organised for over one hundred Anfi Group sales employees

Last week the Anfi Group organised a one day team building session under RCI’s umbrella in which over 100 sales and sales support employees took part in. The aim of this activity was to encourage cooperation by encouraging team spirit among the sales force and to emphasise the communication bonds between staff and the company, which is based in the touristic area of Mogán, Gran Canaria, Spain. The event was held in Las Tirajanas hotel, a unique location which helped create an ideal atmosphere to work with motivation and communication tools. “The day has been focused on improving personal communication between...

Panama Megapolis Investment Group affiliates its vacation club to Interval International
26 Aug

Panama Megapolis Investment Group affiliates its vacation club to Interval International

Interval International has announced the affiliation of Mega Vacations Club in Panama. The club includes more than 1,500 units housed in the Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis and the Radisson Decapolis Hotel, both situated in the exclusive Punta Paitilla area of Panama City. “These properties reflect our commitment to providing high-quality vacation products with outstanding amenities and services that hold great appeal to potential buyers,” said Roko Setka, corporate general director of Megapolis Investment Group. “We are delighted to welcome Megapolis Investment Group, which has successfully developed multi-use properties in Panama, to the shared ownership industry,” said Marcos Agostini, Interval’s senior vice...