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22 Sep 2011

Carisma Global Group joins RDO

Carisma Global Group is delighted to announce its recent affiliation to RDO. The group plans to work in Green Energies, TICs, Real Estate and the hospitality and leisure industry. It started its expansion plan on a shared-ownership project in the leisure and tourism industry through a joint-venture with Mendoza´s Nature Resorts.

In the near future Carisma is to announce that it will be incorporating new shareholders in an exciting, exclusive and innovative new development, Villa Eulalia, which should be ready for opening for summer 2012.

Villa Eulalia is one of the most emblematic projects which is to be developed over the next two years in the Region of Murcia, as it has already been nominated as a project of public interest with the full support of the regional government of Murcia along with the chambers of commerce.

Situated in a strategic location where other new developments are taking place on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, it is just 15 minutes away from the new international Corvera airport. A number of new airlines are planning to operate connecting Europe and rest of world from this airport at end this year, 2011. The project is close to the historic cities of Murcia, Lorca and Cartagena, which are set to become new touristic destinations on the Mediterranean, every year more than 70 cruise ships stop over in Cartagena to enable passengers to enjoy this beautiful roman city and this number is projected to increase steadily. Says Miguel Andrés Mendoza, President & Visionary CEO of Carisma Global Group.


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