CEO of Diamond Resorts spearheads Brand USA to promote US tourism to the world

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21 Sep 2012

CEO of Diamond Resorts spearheads Brand USA to promote US tourism to the world

Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Diamond Resorts Corporation, is spearheading the first ever comprehensive tourism initiative to promote the USA to the world.


Brand USA is a public-private partnership created to promote international travel to the United States and showcase America’s infinite variety of holiday experiences to visitors. In May, Brand USA launched its Discover America ad campaigns in the UK, Japan and Canada with subsequent campaigns in markets such as Brazil and South Korea.


Brand USA unveiled the US’s first-ever comprehensive marketing campaign earlier this year, during a press conference at International Pow Wow in April, which is the largest U.S. travel trade show in Los Angeles. The campaign will continue to showcase the diversity of experiences available in the United States, inviting visitors to “Discover this land, like never before.”

The campaign’s theme song “Land of Dreams” was composed by Rosanne Cash, daughter of American music legend Johnny Cash, and the video which features stunning footage of some of America’s most sought-after destinations from San Francisco to New Orleans is available at

Mr. Cloobeck explained: “Other countries around the world have prioritised tourism for years as a significant contributor to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), yet in the 236 years since the United States of America was founded, this country has never had a nationally coordinated effort dedicated to inviting travellers to come visit us.”


“This campaign will tap into an incredibly valuable economic resource – the millions of visitors who want to experience all that our great country has to offer.”


Mr. Cloobeck was appointed at the start of the campaign, which was created as a result of the US Travel Promotion Act, passed in March 2012 which established a public-private partnership between the travel industry and the US government, dedicated to increasing international visitation to the US.


The initiative is designed to create jobs and boost the US economy; according to the US Travel Association, the average overseas visitor to the United States spends $4,000 during each trip, and 35 incremental overseas visitors support one new job in the US.


Mr. Cloobeck added: “With the US economy continuing to struggle, inbound travel is one of the country’s most overlooked – and potentially fruitful – job creation engines.”
“One in nine US jobs depends on travel and tourism, so more incoming travel equals more jobs – and without the need for huge new capital investments. That’s why Brand USA’s mission is to energise and drive incoming travel to the US from abroad.”


Brand USA is now helping to expedite the visa process to enable travellers to visit the US more easily and Cloobeck’s experience in the travel and hospitality markets – and his focus on exceptional customer service – is a perfect fit for his Brand USA role.


Brand USA has an 11-member Board of Directors, appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, and each Director brings his or her unique expertise to the table, across diverse regions and sectors of the travel industry.


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