Club Class and ITRA in – ‘Angel’ for timeshare falls to earth

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12 Dec 2011

Club Class and ITRA in – ‘Angel’ for timeshare falls to earth

On 11th December, Daily Mail columnist and investigate journalist Tony Hetherington replied to a reader’s letter in about Club Class.

The reader met Bridge View Consultants to discuss how she and her husband were mis-sold a timeshare but they were persuaded to join Club Class International’s holiday discount scheme – Club Class were to take over the timeshare and pay future maintenance fees.

The couple received an email informing them that Club Class International had gone into liquidation and that they would be contacted directly by ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action) but since then they have heard nothing.

Tony Hetherington (pictured) confirms that Bridge View Consultants are in fact a marketing company which invites timeshare owners to meetings, apparently to recruit them to ITRA, which says it is trying to win compensation for mis-selling. Consumers have, however, been pressurised into buying membership of Club Class as a way to avoid paying timeshare fees.

ITRA themselves were in the news in January this year when the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned their TV ad for failing to reveal that its meetings were a sales pitch for Club Class. 

Hetherington also reveals that Business Secretary Vince Cable has started High Court proceedings to have a whole network of Club Class companies wound up in the public interest following a detailed and very complex investigation by the UK’s Insolvency Service.

RDO is mentioned in the article, advising that ITRA is closely tied to Club Class and adding that even if ITRA shuts down at least one more company has been set up with the same sales methods. 


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