Companies wound up as part of investigations into Fraud

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5 May 2011

Companies wound up as part of investigations into Fraud

Between 2007 and 2010 the Spanish police and other enforcement agencies such as Trading Standards in the UK stepped up their efforts to tackle companies that were defrauding timeshare owners and the general public at large. This has resulted in the closure of almost 70 companies, some of which were wound up by the authorities and others ceased trading of their own accord, frequently due to pressure as a result of investigations that were being carried out.


The majority of the companies were based in Spain and the Canary Islands although a small number operated in the UK, where an increasing number of sales offices are opening.


As part of its own enforcement programme, RDO appointed an ex-police inspector from Spain and he has worked closely with the authorities over the past 3 years, providing them with crucial information to help their investigations, with the ultimate aim of having fraudulent companies closed down.


Members of the public who believe they may have been defrauded should contact RDO on info@


The list below details companies that have closed since 2007 and will be updated regularly:-




Alabama Development LTD UK 20/08/2008
Alma Financial Investment SL Spain 20/08/2008
Alvita Holidays / Alvita Vacation Canary Islands 03/05/2009
Alvita Travel SA / Alvita Holidays SL Canary Islands 22/12/2008
APD Marketing & Leisure UK 23/11/2009
Avantgarde Management Costa del Sol 05/02/2009
Benedetti y Asociados Costa del Sol 07/07/2010
Buena Viva UK 08/01/2009
Buy Owner Resort Marketing Inc USA 14/07/2010
Cabinet D’Avocats Costa del Sol 14/11/2009
Carpe Diem Canary Islands 01/02/2007
Class Properties de Luxe Costa del Sol 27/01/2009
Club Class Concierge Costa del Sol 08/01/2009
Consultancy Group Europe SL, Spain 20/08/2008
Destinations AG Canary Islands 01/03/2009
DGS Brokers Costa del Sol 11/09/2008
DGS Universal Sales SL Costa del Sol 11/09/2008
Discovery Planet SL Spain 20/08/2008
Dunstar El Rosario SL Costa del Sol 11/09/2008
Dunstar Global Services SL Costa del Sol 11/09/2008
European Legal Consultants SL Canary Islands 08/12/2007
FC Management Ltd UK 04/09/2008
FH Publishing Gibraltar 13/11/2008
First Legal Services Costa del Sol 15/10/2009 *
Fleet Holiday Properties Costa del Sol 13/11/2008
Freedom Vacation Network Canary Islands 29/11/2007
Freedom Vacation Network Portugal 05/11/2007
Freedom Vacation Network Canary Islands 29/07/2006
Full Circle Management Ltd / Full Circle Holidays UK 04/09/2008
GB Marketing / Great Britain Marketing Canary Islands 25/07/2009
Global Vacations Ltd / Vacation Solutions Spain SL Costa del Sol 07/01/2009
Golden Sands Marketing UK 16/09/2010
Greystone Leisure & Travel Costa del Sol 11/09/2008 *
Harlequin Solutions Ltd UK 01/09/2008
HBF Trading / Holiday Trading Costa del Sol 30/06/2008
Holiday Maker Travel Canary Islands 01/11/2005
Holiday Network Solutions Costa del Sol 03/09/2008
Iberia Market & Trade SL Costa del Sol 15/10/2009
Identity Inversiones Inmobiliarias Cataluña 19/02/2009
ILG / DWVC UK 01/06/2009
ILG UK Ltd UK 02/10/2009
Independent Travel Club SL Canary Islands 08/12/2007
Inmobiliaria El Solucion Costa del Sol 22/07/2010
International Holiday Veneus SC Costa del Sol 30/06/2008
Inter-Travel Connections, S.L. Canary Islands 19/05/2009
Isla Linda Canarias SL Canary Islands 20/08/2008
Justice Reveals International Consultants Canary Islands 08/12/2007
Kingswood Property Management Services UK 16/12/2007
Kristal Kross Canary Islands 01/01/2008
Larimar LTD UK 20/08/2008
Libertad Consult Gestion Company SL Canary Islands 08/12/2007
Masol Comunicaciones SL Spain 20/08/2008
Multisur Costa del Sol 22/10/2009
NV Mijas Costa del Sol 15/12/2008
Parker and Co Management Gibraltar 13/11/2008
Pasaporte Ltd Costa del Sol 15/10/2009
Rainbow Solutions Marketing Costa del Sol 05/02/2009
Real Escape Costa del Sol 03/09/2008
RSSL Costa del Sol 06/12/2008
Sol Bookers Costa del Sol 14/12/2008 *
St Frances Marketing Ltd UK 21/10/2009
Starting Point Marketing Costa del Sol 25/02/2009
T&MS Ltd UK 25/10/2007
TAG World Services UK 13/08/2008
Terranova Holiday Promotions Canary Islands 09/10/2008
Thompson Investment Branco UK 20/08/2008
T-One (UK) Limited Spain / UK 16/12/2007
Travel Star Europe UK 04/09/2008
Vicmar Cabopino Costa del Sol 15/10/2009
Worldwide Connections SL Canary Islands 05/06/2010
Worldwide International UK Ltd UK 17/02/2010
Yacht Trading UK Ltd. UK 07/02/2008
Your Dreams Holidays Canary Islands 13/07/2009 *

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