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5 May 2011

Consumer Alert: Resale Agent World Axial Asia

It has been brought to RDO’s [The Resort Development Organisation’s] attention that a Singapore based resale company called World Axial Asia may be telephoning timeshare owners, informing them that they are representatives of RDO.


This company is not associated with RDO in any way and is not authorised to act on its behalf. Members of the public should be on their guard if contacted by this company and are advised to take legal advice before parting with any money.


Timeshare owners wishing to sell should be very wary of cold calls from resale agents. Many take large upfront fees – frequently tempting sellers by promising a high price for their timeshare – and more often than not the seller is left out of pocket after the sale fails to take place.


For details of RDO resale agents, all of which sign up to a code of conduct that prohibits the taking of upfront registration fees, please visit our members list.

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