Court rejects 9 more “Claims Directive” cases

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13 Jun 2011

Court rejects 9 more “Claims Directive” cases

Brussels 17th December 2010 – in a press release issued December 7th, the Anfi group reports that a further 9 claims brought by owners represented by Claims Directive have been rejected by Several judges in Las Palmas, making a total of 14 consecutive rulings in favour of Anfi Group in the last two months.


Claims Directive, which is located in Arguineguín Gran Canaria claims to represent timeshare owners’ interests but it should be noted that in fact it/this company has been linked to a holiday club. Together with enforcement bodies around Europe, RDO is of the view that holiday clubs are one of the biggest threats to the timeshare owners and the European Consumer Centre in Madrid reports that in 2008 and 2009, just over 700 complaints were lodged about holiday clubs operating in the Canaries.


In its press release, Anfi stated that it believes that Claims Directive is exploiting vulnerable people who are suffering in the current economic crisis by promising they will be rewarded substantial amounts of money if they take court action against Anfi.


According to Anfi, despite offering their services on a “No Win No Fee” basis, claimants must pre- pay legal costs of up to €6000 before being legally represented. They are also told their contracts are “frozen” and they can therefore stop all contract payments, be it maintenance fees or finance costs. This assertion is untrue and clients who do stop payments are in breach of contract with Anfi and their finance companies. They are therefore in danger of losing their timeshare weeks. Furthermore, in all recent judgments the court has ruled that Anfi acted within the law by entrusting a deposit to a third party and has ordered claimants to pay full court costs.


Anfi added that it is concerned that clients who may already be experiencing financial problems will ultimately find themselves in much worse circumstances if they would be represented by Claims Directive. Claims Directive have remained silent regarding recent court rulings and have not responded to recent press releases from Anfi or RDO. Anfi believes this lack of response is a deliberate measure to keep claimants in the dark regarding the latest rulings and advises clients to contact the lawyers representing them or Claims Directive for verification of recent court decisions.


For any further information or advice please contact Anfi Customer’s Service Department: – (+34) 928 152 990; or go to RDO:

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