Families keen to save money boost new rise in package holidays

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9 Jan 2013

Families keen to save money boost new rise in package holidays

Families looking for ways to squeeze a holiday into their 2013 financial calendar are behind the boost in package holiday bookings, the Daily Mail reports this week.


Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the number of holidaymakers opting for “a package deal” has gone up from 37% in 2008 to 40% in 2012. It may not sound like a huge percentage, but the trend is on the rise.


Timeshare is another way to save on the holiday bills because by paying upfront for future holidays, vacation ownership helps offset future hotel price hikes, while self-catering “at home” on holiday also helps keep the outgoings down.


Package holiday appeal dipped some years ago as independent travel came into vogue, quickly adopted by consumers who wanted to get away from it all, and off the beaten track, away from the crowds. But now, with more sophisticated resorts, a wider choice of destinations and the advantage of simply paying for everything upfront and not having to worry about extras, it seems package holidays might be back in style.


As the Mail feature said: “Industry experts point out modern-day package holidays are now a far cry from the cheap and cheerful breaks to resorts such as Benidorm enjoyed by millions in the Sixties and Seventies.”


Many of today’s modern timeshare resorts are based around a hotel complex which offers full leisure amenities and there’s the added convenience of just having to pay for the flight and save money by “eating in” while on holiday – breakfast on the terrace then lunch before a long lie by the pool – without the considerable expenses that can add up over a week of having to eating out in local bars, restaurants or other hotels.

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