Forum Highlights Timeshare Contribution to Local Economies

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3 Mar 2009

Forum Highlights Timeshare Contribution to Local Economies

The positive economic impact that timeshare resorts have on their surroundings was one of the topics of this year’s “Tourism and the Environment” forum, held by Hapimag in Berlin in January.


OTE Chairman, Richard McIntosh (Hilton Grand Vacations) was one of the key speakers at the event, where personalities from the fields of science, politics and the tourism industry discussed major issues surrounding tourism and the environment, from the effects of climate change to current leisure trends.


In his presentation, Mr McIntosh drew examples from Hilton resorts in Scotland and Portugal to illustrate the benefits of timeshare to the developer and the local community.


He pointed at the resilience to changes in the economy as one of the main benefits for developers, particularly relevant in the current economic climate. “Timeshare purchasers are very loyal guests,” Mr McIntosh said, “so developers may expect high occupancy rates and a financial return on their investment.”


Timeshare resorts also benefit the area they’re in through the money spent by guests and employees in dining out or shopping locally, the opportunities they provide for local businesses and suppliers and the creation of new jobs.


New leisure facilities developed originally for timeshare resort guests may be later offered to local families too, becoming a local amenity.


“The timeshare industry remains a very important contributor to the countries’ economies,” Mr McIntosh concluded. “It should be encouraged and welcome with open arms because of the benefits it brings.”

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