Fractional leaders call for industry champion

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4 Nov 2009

Fractional leaders call for industry champion

Movers and shakers in the fractional ownership industry, gathered at a breakfast meeting organised by OPP, called for the appointment of a “fractional champion” to help raise awareness of shared ownership and its potential.


Amongst those present were Paul Gardner Bougaard, chief executive of RDO and head of the Fractional and Shared Ownership Trade Association (FSOTA); Piers Brown, founder of Fractional Life; and Paul Mattimoe, publisher of the Perspective and Owners Perspective shared ownership titles.


The group proposed creating a role for somebody who would champion the fractional industry, working within the remit of FSOTA but funded by developers. They agreed it would need to be someone who is international and commercially aware and can build relationships with the media and speak with gravity to governments and CEOs to promote a positive agenda on fractional ownership.


FSOTA is now coordinating input from the group about the job description and criteria for the proposed individual.

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