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17 Apr 2011

FSOTA announces special introductory membership offer

Brussels 9th October 2009 – FSOTA (Fractional & Shared Ownership Trade Association) announced today a special introductory offer for new members. Companies that join the FSOTA between now and 1st February 2010 will receive full membership of the association at 1,216 Euros per year. This price is frozen for a 2 year period.

Membership of the Association is open to businesses involved directly or indirectly in the fractional and shared ownership industry and which adhere to the Rules of the Association and its Code of Conduct.

“The FSOTA is the only trade association totally dedicated to promoting best practice in the growing fractional property market” said Piers Brown, founder of Fractional Life “With the ongoing support of RDO and clear membership guidelines and benefits, joining FSOTA is a cost effective way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the long term success of the industry.”

In addition, the FSOTA will offer members of RDO (Resort Development Organisation aisbl) that offer fractional products free membership of FSOTA.

Leslie McCann, Group Marketing Director Seasons Holidays plc (RDO member) commented “We are delighted that RDO has quickly recognised the growing Fractional market here in Europe by forming the FSOTA and allowing companies who as members of RDO already contribute to promoting good practice in the development, regulation and sale of all types of resort property, to enjoy automatic membership. The FSOTA will ensure that the distinct voices and message of the emerging fractional ownership industry will be heard and will ensure that consumers can purchase Fractional Ownership with confidence”.

More about FSOTA
The FSOTA promotes the growth of the fractional and shared ownership industry in a responsible, honest, and transparent manner, based on principles of fair trading, professionalism and quality of products and services.

The FSOTA is a subsidiary association of RDO (Resort Development Organisation aisbl), an international non profit making association registered in Brussels with company number 0457.984.213. Its registered office is at Oak House, Cours St Michel 100/3, 1040 Brussels, Belgium.

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