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1 Jul 2009 website makes it into Google News

The industry website, launched by RDO earlier this year to counter negative information about timeshare on the internet, has been accredited as a source site by Google for inclusion into Google News.


Google has a strict screening procedure to select which sites are allowed into Google News and there are supposedly only 4,500 websites accredited on its source list worldwide.


This is great news for the industry, according to Tim Kirby, the SEO (search engine optimisation) specialist appointed by RDO to develop the site. “When people do a search, Google gives some added weight to sites that are listed in Google News so we can expect to see a boost in our rankings on internet searches about timeshare and related terms over the next few months,” he said.


Articles published on, including those submitted by sponsors, will also be considered for the Google News Feed, which means that they could be syndicated to thousands of news gathering agencies throughout the world, boosting traffic to the site and associated links.


“This is a great opportunity for sponsors too,” added Kirby. “Of course, not all the articles submitted will be syndicated, but if the content is fresh, original and topical they have a good chance of being selected by Google for syndication and then they can reap the benefits of having a much better online exposure worldwide.”

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