Hapimag increases occupancy in summer 2012

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25 Oct 2012

Hapimag increases occupancy in summer 2012

Hapimag has increased its occupancy rates in the summer months by 1.6 per cent compared with the previous year. The resorts and residences in Switzerland have maintained last year’s high level despite the strong Swiss franc.


During this year’s summer season from July to September, Hapimag again recorded over 1.1 million overnight stays. At 88.8 per cent, the occupancy rate of all 57 resorts and residences increased by 1.6 per cent (previous year 87.2 per cent). 31 of the 57 resorts show an occupancy rate of over 90 per cent – including a mixed bag of addresses in the south, in the north and in European metropolises: The highest occupancy rate was achieved by the residence in Antibes (FR) at 98.1 per cent, followed by Bowness-on- Windermere (GB) at 97.9 per cent, Binz (DE), Dresden (DE) and Paguera (ES) each at 97.8 per cent, and Cannero (IT) at 97 per cent.


Constant high demand in the Swiss resorts


In some tourist regions of Switzerland, in July and August 2012 there was a decrease in overnight stays. According to the Swiss Federal Statistics Office, for example, in July 2012 the number of overnight stays in Grisons decreased by 8.4 per cent and in the Bernese Oberland by 9.4 per cent. Contrary to these trends – and despite the strong Swiss franc – the Hapimag resorts in Switzerland remain in great demand. Although the summer occupancy rate at the four Swiss resorts at 90.9 per cent is slightly below the previous year’s level (91.9 per cent), it is still very high. As last year, the residence in Ascona is the most popular Swiss address, with an occupancy rate of 96.5 per cent (previous year 96.8 per cent), followed by Interlaken at 95.2 per cent (previous year 94.8 per cent), Andeer at 92.5 per cent (previous year 95.2 per cent) and Flims at 83.8 per cent (previous year 86.3 per cent). The resorts and residences in Austria were able to benefit from the high exchange rate and achieved with 80 per cent a significantly higher occupancy rate than in the previous year (71.7 per cent ). The addresses in Germany also recorded an improved occupancy rate of 92.1 per cent (previous year: 89.4 per cent).


Winter bookings at the same level as the previous year


The 2012/2013 winter season at Hapimag has already started according to schedule. As in the previous year, booking levels at most resorts and residences remain at a high level. In particular the resorts in the Alps, especially in Saalbach and Flims, have recorded positive booking numbers for Christmas and the New Year. In the south, in particular San Agustín (ES) and Puerto de la Cruz (ES) are very popular. The resorts in Paguera (ES), Albufeira (PT) and Bodrum (TR), as well as the residences in Marbella (ES) and Antibes (FR) still have apartments available – perfect locations for escaping the cold winter days and recharging your batteries in warmer climates.


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