ICE relaunches Gill’s cruise brand as Gill’s Holidays

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6 Aug 2012

ICE relaunches Gill’s cruise brand as Gill’s Holidays

As part of its ongoing expansion, International Cruise and Excursions Europe (ICE) is relaunching the popular Gill’s Cruise brand after the UK cruise agency got into difficulties last year.


Gill’s Cruise Centre – which until last summer was one of the UK’s largest cruise agencies -collapsed in July 2011 at a cost of several million pounds to cruise lines. Now, ICE says it plans to continue the good name Gill’s brand had built up over the years by offering a range of holidays and cruises under the new name of Gill’s Holidays.


Warren Joy, senior vice president of ICE Europe, said: "The Gill’s name, which was trusted to supply great value family cruise holidays for over 25 years, will be resurrected under the new brand of Gill’s Holidays, with a focus on offering UK customers a broad range of holiday and cruise destinations worldwide.


“The name was one of the longest established most recognisable and trusted brands in the cruise sector, enjoying a strong following from consumers and the support of the cruise industry before it ran into financial difficulties."


He added: “We plan to introduce Gill’s customers to a much broader range of holiday options through our established membership rewards and loyalty schemes as well as offering a comprehensive range of cruising experiences through Gill’s Holidays.


“This latest development complements our recent investments in the UK and will enable ICE to continue to profitably expand our leisure cruise and holiday business in the UK going forward."


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