Increase in cruise bookings for Club La Costa

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13 Oct 2009

Increase in cruise bookings for Club La Costa

Club La Costa has reported that more of its customers are booking cruises than ever before, with bookings in 2009 reaching £1 million sales four months earlier than in the previous year, and record sales expected for 2010.


This reflects the current trend of increasing interest in cruising, with the introduction of new, bigger ships and a greater diversity of destinations and on board activities. The cruising industry carried 1.5 million UK passengers in 2008, a figure expected to be surpassed this year, and increased further in 2010.


According to Club La Costa Travel Manager, Julie Fenton, the average duration of cruises taken by members is ten nights, and the most popular destinations are the Mediterranean, River Nile and Caribbean, with a recent surge in interest for cruises in South Africa and the Indian Ocean.

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