Interval Leisure Group Honors 17 Employees

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11 Dec 2012

Interval Leisure Group Honors 17 Employees

Interval Leisure Group, Inc. recently honored 17 employees as part of its Club Excellence global recognition program. These awards are presented annually to outstanding individuals who make a difference in the lives of colleagues and customers, who include vacation exchange members, as well as resort and hotel clients.


Winners participated in a variety of educational, recreational, and leadership activities during their visit to Miami. Each employee received a Crystal Jade trophy, signed certificate, and a commemorative timepiece.


“Recognizing people who are committed to our values and goals is one of the most enjoyable things I do,” said Jeanette E. Marbert, chief operating officer of ILG. “Our Club Excellence Award winners lead by example and play a key role in creating a positive work environment.”


The 2012 Club Excellence recipients are: Warlito Asuncion, Cecilia Bagcal, and Tiana Raymondo, Aston Hotels & Resorts, Hawaii; Matt Dawkins and Jackie Fry, Interval International, London; Pam Garland, Meridian Financial Services, North Carolina; Jo-Ann McNew (Florida) and Annette Pugmire (Utah), Vacation Resorts International; Sarah Scannone, Interval International, Italy; Tresa Victorino, Interval International, Singapore; Noel Betancourt, Tony Knowles, Carlos Munoz, Cindy Perez, Jimmy Rabell, Interval International, Miami; and Cary Rodriguez and Scottie Wilson, Interval International, Orlando.

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