Jardim Atlántico Beach Resort Affiliates To Interval International

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25 Jan 2012

Jardim Atlántico Beach Resort Affiliates To Interval International

Interval International has added to its exchange network Jardim Atlántico Beach Resort, which is located in the northeastern state of Bahia in Brazil.

The oceanfront property sits on nearly nine acres of tropical gardens just outside the historic city of Ilhéus, a Portuguese colonial settlement that was founded in 1534. 

"Members will appreciate the spectacular setting of Jardim Atlántico, as well as the wide-range of amenities and activities available on-site or nearby, everything from restaurants serving regional cuisine to wellness treatments and water sports," said Marcos Agostini, Interval’s vice president of resort sales and service for Latin America.

The resort’s architectural design was inspired by Spanish haciendas and features stucco buildings, red-tile roofs, arched doorways, and a courtyard surrounded by open-air verandas. Additional amenities include swimming pools, sauna, a kid’s playground, and tennis courts.

"Our property has a family-friendly ambiance where owners and guests can relax and discover Bahia, particularly the beaches in the area, which are very popular with vacationers," said Onesina Martinez da Silva Ramos Machado, owner and developer, Jardim Atlántico Beach Resort.

Other nearby attractions in Ilhéus are Saint George of Ilhéus Church and its adjacent Sacred Art Museum, the Hope Woods Botanical Garden, Una’s Ecopark, and various artisan markets. 



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