Malta tightens regulation of OPC activity

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5 Jun 2010

Malta tightens regulation of OPC activity

New, tough legislation to regulate the activity of OPC (off premises contact) representatives of timeshare companies has been introduced in Malta, following previous discussions between RDO and the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA).


The new regulations establish strict requirements for timeshare companies wanting to use OPC activity, including the payment of a pre-paid deposit to guarantee the good behaviour of their OPC representatives. The MTA has also set fines of up to 2300 euros for each infringement of the new regulations.


RDO worked with the MTA and Malta’s key developers to set up the structure and welcomes the move which it sees as a step forward in the better regulation of OPC activity in Malta and will continue to work closely with the MTA on the enforcement of the new rules.


The aggressive approach of some OPCs in Malta had resulted in complaints from visitors to the island and was tarnishing not only the image of timeshare but the whole image of the country as a tourism destination. This had prompted the MTA to seek the advice of RDO and to take action before the peak summer season started.

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