Maltese timeshare houseboat christened

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5 Jul 2009

Maltese timeshare houseboat christened

The houseboat Mdina, Venice – the first of ten new timeshare houseboats from Maltese developers, Marketing and Promotion Ltd – was christened in June and shipped to the north Italian city where it will operate.


The houseboat was built in Malta at a cost of about half a million euros, and will be available on a timeshare basis for 25 years. For a price between 12,000 and 20,000 euros, co-owners will be able to spend a week every year on the houseboat or exchange their holiday with other resorts around the world.


The two-bedroom floating apartment has been fitted with luxurious furniture and paintings. The boat has been specifically designed for the shallow waters of the Venetian lagoon.


A 90-minute training course will be provided for holidaymakers who want to manoeuvre the boat themselves along the canals of Venice, or even venture further afield to explore other Italian rivers. The developers are also preparing 15 suggested itineraries in and around Venice.

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