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7 Nov 2010

Owners Action/ITRA

If you’ve been browsing the Owners Action website and have read the article about RDO’s enforcement work, you should be aware that Owners Action, which acts as marketer for ITRA, is not associated with RDO in any way whatsoever.


Neither Owners Action nor ITRA market or sell timeshare but instead invite timeshare owners to join a class action against their resort or exchange company. Until recently, however, the companies failed to declare when approaching consumers that they also sell membership of a holiday club, Club Class holidays, a company whose activities have been documented by the Daily Mirror and BBC on-line.


In January, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) banned ITRA’s television advertisement from being broadcast again, ruling the ad "misleading by omission" as it did not mention a Club Class holidays product that it sold as an alternative to timeshare to consumers who responded to the ad. It found that half the attendees who met with ITRA bought the Club Class product.


RDO operates its own enforcement programme and consumers who think they may have been defrauded should contact the team on

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