Quality certification, a competitive advantage

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9 Jun 2011

Quality certification, a competitive advantage

Since its inception over 30 years ago the timeshare industry has, rightly, been proud of the quality of its resorts; the facilities, maintenance and service have always been second to none. It does not, therefore, make sense that with quality as one of its main attractions, this tourism sector is left out of the most important quality brand in Spain, which is so valued by customers.


Taking this into account, in 2000, RDO opened up the way for the development of the timeshare quality system in Spain. This has been a long and arduous journey (facts that are very well known by members that have cooperated in the process), but the regulation was finally given the green light and later was amended and transformed from a private regulation to the public
regulation, called UNE.


Unfortunately, this certification does not seem to have attracted the timeshare industry, despite the benefits that the system brings successful applicants.These benefits include:

  • Assistance in improving corporate management and the effectiveness of business tools
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Recognition by the tourist industry
  • The use of the certification to promote and market the product to both Spanish and foreign customers


Nor we can forget that in the current situation, holiday destinations that have higher levels of quality are those that have managed to moderate the impact of the economic crisis.

Currently, in Spain, the certification figures are as follows:

  • Hotels and tourist apartments 546
  • Ski stations 13
  • Golf courses 7
  • Spa 36
  • Beaches 176
  • Restaurants 644


It’s worth mentioning that McDonald’s – the fast food chain, not the timeshare developer – has recently certified all its Spanish restaurants and has publicised the fact widely, including organising a high profile TV campaign and a series of newspapers advertisements).


It is clear that this industry has all is needed to be eligible for this certification and to take advantage of everything it offers. RDO is also willing to help and advise any member that would like to accept the challenge, so… Come on! Let’s get our first Q!

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