RCI® Joins Forces With Green Key Global for 2nd Annual RCI Green Awards

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27 Nov 2012

RCI® Joins Forces With Green Key Global for 2nd Annual RCI Green Awards

RCI® ha announced the opening of the application period for the second annual RCI Green Awards, which recognize affiliated resorts for their environmentally-friendly business practices. This year, RCI is working with Green Key Global, a leader in eco-certification, to assess and rate all resorts that participate in the awards program.


“We believe corporations can make a considerable impact by putting a concerted effort toward sustainable practices, and at RCI we take this responsibility very seriously. We have also heard from our members that sustainability and green travel is becoming increasingly important to them, which is why we created the first sustainability award in the industry for affiliated resorts,” said Gordon Gurnik, president, RCI. “Sustainable practices are being utilized daily at our affiliated resorts, and we believe it’s important for these resorts to be recognized for their significant commitment to the environment.”


The results of the Green Key Eco-Rating Program assessments completed by award applicants will be used to help determine the winners of the 2012 RCI Green Awards. All affiliates that choose to take advantage of this alliance with Green Key Global by participating in the awards will have access to the full suite of Green Key benefits.


Green Key certification has several benefits for affiliated resorts, including: personalized reports and recommendations on cost-saving measures; exclusive marketing collateral such as a branded plaque and the use of Green Key logos on resort collateral; and eco-recognition through other major brands such as Travelocity, Expedia and AAA.


The comprehensive Green Key Eco-Rating Program covers both operational areas and sustainable practices, which include energy conservation, indoor air quality, land use and much more.


To apply for the RCI Green Awards, visit For more information on RCI, visit

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