RCI TV goes public

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9 Dec 2009

RCI TV goes public

The Group RCI web-based TV channel, RCI TV, launched earlier this year and until now only available to RCI members, is now live and available to all consumers on


Consumers will be able to find information about Group RCI products and services, as well as travel and resort information. Viewers can access a Destination Review Channel and a Resort Showcase channel, with video footage and virtual tours of the resorts, and a direct link to the developer’s website.


There are also significant enhancements to RCI TV such as easier navigation from the RCI website and the integration of the RCI online resort directory.


To help promote the channel, RCI is running an ad on the CBS Super Screen in New York’s Times Square during the whole month of December. RCI has also signed a deal to advertise on Resort & Residence TV, a new network that reaches millions of household through its travel, lifestyle and real estate programmes.

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