RDO Chairman outlines priorities for 2010

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1 Mar 2010

RDO Chairman outlines priorities for 2010

A greater emphasis on protecting consumers and providing them with more information about timeshare will be the focus for the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) this year, as outlined by the organisation’s Chairman Richard McIntosh.


“Safeguarding consumers’ interests is our top priority,” said McIntosh, “and the work of RDO’s Enforcement team is more important than ever, as we face an increasing number of cases of owners being targeted by fraudulent companies which are making them part with more money.”


“That’s why we are launching a campaign to gather evidence of these cases of fraud, and we are asking our members to help us reach as many timeshare owners as possible,” he added. “It is important that the industry works together to achieve maximum impact.”


RDO will also continue to work on initiatives to keep consumers well informed about the benefits of timeshare, building on the success of the and websites launched last year, and looking at alternative ways of reaching the consumer such as through social networking sites.


"We are also in the process of restructuring RDO, with the intention to be able to focus more of the RDO income on actions that directly benefit members in the future," added McIntosh. “And of course we’ve got the RDO 1 Conference to look forward to this year!”


McIntosh concluded with a positive outlook for 2010: “Consumers will never give up their holidays. Although demand to purchase has fallen with the global crisis, the fact is that we are still looking after millions of guests on holiday every year and, with life expectancy and leisure time always increasing, demand for our product is sure to continue.”

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