RDO lifts the lid on fraudulent class action schemes

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2 Jul 2010

RDO lifts the lid on fraudulent class action schemes

RDO has warned owners to be wary of any approach inviting them to join a class action scheme against their resort developer or exchange company, as these are often a cover up to make them join an expensive Holiday Club under false pretences, something which has been illegal since 2008.


Class actions in Europe can take many years to come to a conclusion and money may never be paid out in the end, explains RDO, so anybody who suggests otherwise should be regarded with suspicion. Furthermore, the resort developers and exchange companies named in these so-called class actions have told RDO that they have not been notified that court proceedings have been instigated.


RDO’s Enforcement team is working closely with the authorities in Spain and the UK to investigate allegations of this kind of fraud. Details of the companies involved cannot be disclosed at present as that may jeopardise the ongoing investigation.


Those who think they may have been caught up in a bogus class action scheme, or have unwantedly signed up to a Holiday Club membership should contact RDO’s Enforcement team on

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