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3 Jan 2010

RDO unveils new simplified code of conduct

RDO has reviewed its Code of Ethics to reflect changes in the industry and new legislation. RDO’s new, more flexible and simplified Code of Conduct came into force on 1 January 2010.


A review of the previous Code of Conduct was deemed necessary following recent developments such as the EU Timeshare Directive and other pieces of legislation like the Unfair Commercial Practices legislation, which made aspects of the Code redundant.


“The new Directive covers many of the topics our original Code had to set out in considerable detail,” said Eugene Miskelly, Chairman of RDO’s Legislative Council. “The old Directive left many loopholes to be exploited, as we witnessed with the ‘packs’ and long-term holiday product companies, and RDO’s initial Code was a tremendous tool to supplement the gaps in the legislation. Now that the EU Timeshare Directive covers those areas we felt it was the correct time to revise our code.”


The new Code, along with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme (ADR), sets out basic and universal principles rather than the detailed guidance of its predecessor. RDO will add Guidance Notes to the Code if and when necessary, as the new Directive is implemented in Member States.


“The old Code of Conduct has served RDO, our members, and most importantly the consumer, very well, but we believe that now is the right time for change,” concluded Miskelly.

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