RDO urges suspected victims of fraud to come forward

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2 Mar 2010

RDO urges suspected victims of fraud to come forward

RDO is asking consumers throughout Europe who think they may have been targeted by supposed class action schemes and fraudulent resale and holiday club operators to come forward and help the Enforcement team gather evidence to present a strong case to the police.


As part of RDO’s renewed drive to protect the consumer, the Enforcement team will be putting together a database with detailed information of all cases of suspected fraud, which will be presented to the authorities to help in their fight against crime. The evidence collection phase will last from now until June.


Alberto Garcia, head of RDO’s Enforcement Programme, who will coordinate the campaign from Spain, said: “We have seen an increasing level of activity of fraudulent companies targeting innocent owners through adverts in the media or direct calls. It is vital that we gather as much evidence as possible to put a stop to this.”


Owners are usually invited to a presentation to discuss ways in which to dispose of their timeshare or to join a class action scheme against their resort developer, but are then conned into signing up for membership of a holiday club with the promise that any money paid will be recouped through a cashback scheme.


Those who think they have been affected should submit a complaint to RDO’s Enforcement team at with a brief summary of their experience, copies of the contract and any relevant correspondence, and confirmation of any payment made to date.

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