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3 Dec 2009

RDO’s Secretary General to step down

RDO has announced that Secretary General, Peter van der Mark, will leave the organisation at the end of 2010, after 11 years holding the role.


Peter was amongst the founders of RDO (then the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe) in London and has focused on lobbying from RDO’s office in Brussels since 2003, successfully ensuring maximum input in the development of the new European Directive on timeshare, as well as many national laws.


Richard McIntosh, Chairman of RDO, said: “Peter has been a most valuable asset for RDO, leading the industry with the development and execution of many successful programmes and projects. His work was also pivotal in helping improve the industry’s reputation amongst the media and politicians.”


Peter will continue to assist RDO on government relations matters until the end of 2010, focusing on the implementation of the Timeshare Directive, European and national legislative issues, and the further development of RDO’s new Code of Conduct.

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