TATOC registers its Trademark

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23 Aug 2012

TATOC registers its Trademark

TATOC, the Timeshare Association, has announced that the name TATOC (and corresponding logo) is now a registered trademark.


Designated by the circled capital letter ‘R’, the symbol is used to distinguish goods and services from competitors. Registering TATOC as trademark gives the association the exclusive right to use the mark in the United Kingdom and Europe. The association is currently undergoing trademark registration in the U.S.A.


Harry Taylor explained the decision: “In the past few months the TATOC logo has been used without our permission by a number of organisations. By registering the name and logo as a trademark we hope to prevent this and it makes it easier for us to take legal action should they continue. We will not hesitate to take action against companies who use the TATOC name and logo without written authorisation. Trading Standards and the police will also now be able to bring criminal charges against counterfeiters who are trying to scam people using our good name and reputation.”

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