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2 May 2012

Top Swiss Timeshare Specialists Hapimag featured on

Leading timeshare specialist and RDO member Hapimag has been featured on the German news website in a feature about the new coming-of-age of the shared ownership lifestyle.

Hapimag created the timeshare lifestyle concept back in the sixties and the Swiss company has gone from strength to strength since it first launched its shared ownership programme almost five decades ago.

The Pressportal piece highlights how timeshare is currently in vogue and talks about the benefits of shared ownership and the spirit of “Collaborative Consumption”, a term coined in the US which has become something of a “buzz” phrase.  (To read the original, in German, click here )


The collaborative consumption concept stems from a “new” economic and social philosophy that values sharing over and above sole ownership. Society has evolved since the more materialistic “Ownership Society” of the President Bush era. Today, the feature points out, we know better, and of course we are now far more aware of how precious our resources are in the face of global shortages.


The Pressportal feature mentions the fact that although the image of timeshare has been tarnished by rogue companies, overall timeshare is inherently both eco-and very economical. We’re all used to renting and sharing CDs, cars, we car-pool (more so in the States than Europe although with the price of fuel escalating this trend will rise) and timeshare works by the same principle.


The article compares car-sharing to timesharing and points out that it’s no longer necessary to splurge on a whole holiday home when you can share luxurious properties all over the world – something that has hit home in the past couple of years as consumers watch their spending very carefully, yet don’t want to give up holidays completely as for most of us they’re a “necessary luxury”.

Hapimag is still one of the most respected shared ownership specialists in the world today, thanks to its commitment to customer service, expansion of its impressive resort portfolio, from chalet-style ski units in Finland to beach resorts in the south of Spain.


The idea of “investing together, using individually” is very much at the forefront of Hapimag’s philosophy as it approaches its 50th year. The company’s success is reflected in its continuous expansion – today Hapimag members have access to over 5,300 quality properties at 57 well managed resorts in no less than 16 European countries as well as Morocco.

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