Warning about Spanish resale online company

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5 Jun 2011

Warning about Spanish resale online company

RDO’s Enforcement team has issued a warning about, a new resale company targeting Spanish owners wanting to sell their timeshare.

The company’s website promises owners a 100% guaranteed sale, the sort of claim that should always raise suspicion, according to Alberto Garcia, head of Enforcement. “Besides, this company appears to be linked to others known to be fraudulent, and their website doesn’t even comply with Spanish law,” he said. “We are urging consumers to be extra vigilant if they have any dealings with them.”

Owners are reminded that they should always be wary of any resale company that guarantees a 100% success in finding a buyer within a set period of time, and that requests the payment of an upfront fee, something which is illegal under the provisions of the new EU Timeshare Directive.

RDO advises those who want to sell their timeshare that they should always do it through one of their member resale companies listed on, as they are bound by a strict ethical code of conduct.


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