White paper outlines travel trends for 2010

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6 Jun 2010

White paper outlines travel trends for 2010

A white paper outlining key trends in the travel industry for 2010 and beyond, prepared by RDO member, Flagship Consulting, provides a useful insight for timeshare companies into the preferences of British travellers.


The research and publication of the Travel Trends 2010 white paper is part of the creation of content for RDO’s online campaign, which has also seen the launch of RDO Twitter feeds and the Chief Executive’s blog on RDO’s website.


According to the white paper, the trend of ‘staycations’ – a term coined last year to refer to domestic travel – will continue this year, as various factors such as the economic crisis, the weak pound or the much improved domestic tourism offering tempts people to stay closer to home for their holidays.

Environmental concerns, higher air fares, and fear of major air travel disruptions like that caused by the Icelandic volcano, are prompting more and more people to abandon air travel and choose destinations easily accessible by train or by car, with countries such as France, Germany, Spain or Portugal seen as ‘domestic’ locations.


The strength of the euro is expected to continue to favour destinations such as Turkey or Egypt, although destinations in the eurozone such as Spain continue to be popular as customers seek good value for money. Other destinations on the up include South Africa, host of this year’s World Cup.


The paper concludes that while family holidays will continue to be a firm fixture in the calendar, the way people travel is likely to change over the next decade due to consumer demand, increasing travel costs, global security issues and environmental and ethical concerns.


A full copy of the Travel Trends 2010 white paper is available on

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