ARDA announces new Reputation Management Council

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23 Jun 2014

ARDA announces new Reputation Management Council

ARDA has launched a new Reputation Management Council to enhance the understanding and perception of timeshare by the public and the press.

In a recent interview with Gabriella Jaffee of JW Maxx Solutions, ARDA’s VP of Marketing & Communications Peter Roth spoke about the importance and potential benefits the new council will bring to the shared ownership industry.

Like RDO, ARDA is currently working to improve how timeshare is perceived in the eyes of the media and consumers, because although the vast majority of timeshare owners are clearly satisfied with their product or purchase, we tend to hear the negative stories but not the sizeable number of positive ones about the timeshare lifestyle.

ARDA says it aims to improve how timeshare is perceived by educating consumers, media, regulators, and the financial community on the benefits of the timeshare product itself.

Despite the fact that ARDA already has a well oiled communications department, Mr. Roth felt more needed to be done to manage the reputation of timeshare as a whole – especially online.
“When you search for the word ‘timeshare’ on Google, 95 percent of what you’ll find is negative,” Roth said during a phone interview with Ms. Jaffee.  “We want to change that – not only online but with all audiences that touch the timeshare industry.”

The new Reputation Management Council consists of nine different people from across the industry, and the initial meeting took place in Orlando last month.
“We are going to focus on anywhere from one to three major initiatives so that we can measure and see what type of impact it has on the reputation of the industry as a whole,” Mr. Roth continued.

Part of the initiative will include a boost and further promotion for the new website, and The Reputation Management Council plans to work with the larger Reputation Management Committee to establish a solid task force for each of the defined initiatives. These groups will be comprised of industry experts from multiple disciplines across ARDA member companies.

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