Around The World In Eighty Days With Points

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2 Jun 2014

Around The World In Eighty Days With Points

The fictional tales of Phileas Fogg from the Jules Verne 1873 classic ‘Around the World In Eighty Days’ have inspired many an epic adventure. But, can you go round the world using a timeshare? One company set out on 8 March this year to prove you can – and they did…

Using a membership of 80,000 RCI Points and access to three RCI Extra Holidays or Late Deals, eXpectations Holidays embarked on a virtual journey to circumnavigate the globe in no less than 80 days. And 80 days later, they share the many wonderful holiday destinations they reached. Setting out from London, their virtual travels took them across Europe and out to the East – as far as China. Watch this amazing video to see exactly how the eXpectations team used real time availability from RCI Points to take them across the globe.

For those who are less familiar with timeshare points and their value, 80,000 points is approximately the amount required to book one week in a three-bedroom apartment in Spain during the peak summer school holidays. Roy Forsdick, commercial director of Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket, the company that has developed the eXpectations Holidays product, explained how they got so much further, for so much longer, with only three great value RCI cash holidays to supplement the itinerary. He said: “Our strategy was to stick to studio and one-bedroom apartments wherever possible and make use of late availability discounts, which can shave up to 50 per cent off the amount of points needed to book a particular holiday. As we set off on 8 March the seasonality was to our advantage, since the points value of accommodation is cheaper outside of the peak season.” or

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