Azure wins Fractional Life Innovation and Excellence Award

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22 May 2013

Azure wins Fractional Life Innovation and Excellence Award

In April, Azure’s Project Director, Perry Newton and Membership Director, Gavin Dickinson, attended the Fractional Life Awards ceremony at The Rubens at The Palace Hotel in London.

Running since 2009, these prestigious awards are well attended by developments and industry organisations from around the world. The panel of judges this year included John Howell, Editorial Director, OPP Connect; George Sell, Editor, Fractional Life and Boutique Hotel News and Sarah Lee, Co- Founder and Editor of Liveshare Travel.

Azure were nominated and shortlisted for three awards; the Readers Choice Award 2013, Innovation and Excellence Award 2013 and Best Fractional Development EMEA 2013 and won the award for Innovation and Excellence 2013.

Sarah Mazzone, Head of Marketing at Azure, is taking the company in a digital direction through 2013 and 2014 and says:

” Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically over the past 2 years through living in a digital environment. I believe that the coming years Azure will be more about the online sphere than ever before. With a robust digital marketing strategy enabling Azure to stay ahead of companies in the industry, Azure will remain flexible in order to allow for updates in behaviours and products.“

Going forward, Azure’s website will be fully responsive, catering for desktop users and/or having a mobile version of the website. The site shall cater for all devices, including tablet, android and smartphones. Planning ahead, Azure’s website aims to remain compatible with future devices brought out in the coming years.

“The fractional sector has not been noted for its use of social media but Azure is out to change that with a highly targeted campaign” quoted the panel of judges.

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