CONNEX Launches Hotel Voucher Application

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30 Sep 2013

CONNEX Launches Hotel Voucher Application

Connex Marketing Group has launched a new app that will allow holiday plus members to book directly with hotels via their mobile devices. In addition to providing users with access to all 1,600+ affiliated hotels along with an integrated booking platform, the holiday plus app will also provide users with access to Travel Guides and News alerts.

Michael Laws, Connex Managing Director has said “This app is great news for our business partners as it will provide the sales team with the ability to demonstrate holiday plus on the sales deck to prospective owners. The sales agent can download the app there and then for people making a purchase and this will certainly enhance the credibility of the overall sales pitch…. ‘

Connex Marketing Group has been delivering cost-effective sales tools to Companies for 26 years. The holiday plus unlimited product provides members with unlimited access to free hotel stays in a wide selection of hotels throughout the UK and Europe and can only be accessed through selected partnerships.

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