Criminal Lawsuit Against Mark Cushway and Silverpoint Dropped

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Criminal Lawsuit Against Mark Cushway and Silverpoint Dropped
27 Jul 2015

Criminal Lawsuit Against Mark Cushway and Silverpoint Dropped

A criminal lawsuit filed in 2011 by various clients who had been counselled previously by Reclaim GC has been closed by the Instruction Court no 3 of Arona.  The court, after a thorough investigation, found there to be “no indications of the alleged perpetration of a fraud offence”.

Attempts have been made by Reclaim GC to infer to readers of blogs and articles that this allegation against Silverpoint and its CEO, Mark Cushway – which was brought by a third party and not by the authorities themselves – was more than it actually was.  However this allegation has now been formally dismissed by the court.

Speaking from Silverpoint’s Head Office in Tenerife Mark Cushway, Silverpoint CEO, said:  “I am both delighted and relieved that I am able to put this stressful period behind me.  For some time I have been living under a cloud created by a business dedicated to destroying my professional reputation.

“As a company we chose to limit our written content and publications on this matter until these allegations had been properly and fully considered through the legal process and the courts, rather than enter into a media war of words with parties seeking to simply make unsubstantiated comments or increase internet traffic. These allegations have now been dismissed in full.

The judge in Tenerife declared that Silverpoint’s clients were not misled, nor were there any facts to substantiate allegations of fraud.  It was also declared that any contractual disputes should be resolved by the civil courts.  However, the civil channels within the Honorable Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has dictated numerous rulings which absolve Silverpoint from the lawsuits filed against it therefore declaring the full legality of the contracts that were entered into.  This criterion is still currently being upheld.

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