DAE China Raises Funds For Youth Charity

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14 Feb 2014

DAE China Raises Funds For Youth Charity

DAE China has raised over US$4000 for a local youth charity through an event sponsored by DAE China and Pacific Sunrise.

The Shanghai office DAE hosted the “Relay of Love, Youth Carry On” charity sale late last year at the Hui Da Business Park in Shanghai.

During the event, hundreds of people volunteered to give out their belongings to be auctioned, following the theme, “exchange things with love.”

The charity sale raised a total amount of 25,430 RMB (US$4,200), which was donated to the Pearl Retrieving Project, an organization helping impoverished high school students to continue their school learning. Since beginning in 2004, the foundation has changed the lives of more than 40,000 students.

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