DAE Group Announces New Chief Information Officer

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20 Aug 2013

DAE Group Announces New Chief Information Officer

DAE (Dial An Exchange) Group has announced the appointment of a new Chief Information Officer, James Mulvaney.

The Gold Coast-based global vacation ownership exchange program has witnessed rapid expansion over the past year and the appointment of a dedicated CIO is the next step in advancing their market position, according to DAE Group CEO, Francis Taylor.

“We are delighted to welcome James Mulvaney as the Chief Information Officer for the DAE,” Mr Taylor said.

“We are fortunate to have a knowledgeable, passionate professional with 25 years in the IT industry join our team as we move into new markets and expand our capabilities.”

Mr Taylor said the CIO’s role would be both strategic and operational, focusing on practical innovation to position DAE as a global leader in information systems.

Drawing on his wide experience in several industries, including Vacation Ownership, Mr Mulvaney is eager to transform the way the business and its customers access and utilize information.

“My role will be to develop a professional, efficient and communicative department, centered around Information Services (IS), rather than physical technology”, Mr Mulvaney said.

“Primarily my team will deliver business aligned information services and contemporary solutions to benefit DAE internally, as well as improving the user experience for industry partners and members.

“This will involve assessing and removing constraints associated with traditional technology, while simultaneously establishing new systems that enable DAE’s business growth.

For more information contact James Mulvaney +61 (0)406 919 709

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