DAE Intern Program Launches Leaders of the Future

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DAE Intern Program Launches Leaders of the Future
14 Oct 2016

DAE Intern Program Launches Leaders of the Future

DAE has launched a DAE Intern Program in the US, offering the bright stars of the future the chance to kick-start their career in business.

Sponsoring students studying at regional universities in Arizona, this month DAE welcomed its first two Business majors participating  in their International Intern Program – a junior from Grand Canyon University (GCU) and a senior from the University of Phoenix.

The program not only allows each intern to learn about DAE and the vacation ownership industry, but also how they can apply their classroom studies to a real-world environment.  DAE’s Intern Program covers many areas of the business from data analytics, how to compile such information, learning what to look for and how to action go forward plans; company policies and procedures, production standards, office etiquette and most importantly to DAE, the protocols for customer relationship management.

The goal for each intern is to learn and understand how every area of the business depends on the other, how each task achieved is critical in the daily operation, and how the company’s culture drives decision making with award-winning customer service as the pillar for a successful international business.

Matt Cook, studying at the University of Phoenix, said, “As an intern here at DAE my intention is to learn to assess various scenarios and challenges that will be presented in a professional setting such as this. I hope to learn how to better motivate and educate my peers and team members while balancing the various expectations formulated by my superiors and peers alike, by creating vision, setting goals, and forming teams to reach these goals.

“An additional intention is to better understand which arithmetic and avenues are utilized for reaching these goals, why they are chosen, and how to implement them to continuously improve goals and expectations.”

Corbett Howard, DAE VP added, “As a college student I also participated in an internship program.  I had some incredible mentors and those impressions still influence me today. I hope we can do the same with this program at DAE.”

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