Electronic Members’ Pack Takes Europe by Storm

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26 Jul 2013

Electronic Members’ Pack Takes Europe by Storm

Hot on the heels of the SilverpointGo Travel Guide app for mobile devices, the team at Silverpoint prove once again their commitment to providing a completely modern experience for the customer.

As well as creating and developing groundbreaking leisure products such as the Silverpoint Vacation Club, the management team are always keen to ensure the latest technology is utilised in order to enhance the client experience.  To this end they have developed an electronic members’ pack, delivered in a stylish multimedia combination of apps, widgets, videos and websites.

The “pack” itself is an Android tablet which comes preloaded with a host of Silverpoint information – including purchase paperwork and product brochures – much of which can be accessed without a Wi-Fi connection.

However, once connected to the Internet, the tablet comes alive with access to Silverpoint’s suite of websites as well as opening up the full potential of the SilverpointGo app which features everything for the modern traveller including restaurant guides, location maps, language translators, currency converters and information on just about every country in the world.

This new technology reflects Silverpoint’s desire to communicate effectively with its members and follows up the successful social media platform the company has developed over the last couple of years.

Building on this successful form of customer engagement the new tablet also features a “News Widget” which enables the company to send members up-to-the-minute news as well as information on the latest offers and holiday deals.

Said Diana Aitchison, Silverpoint COO, of the new electronic pack: “It’s been exciting to be involved in such an innovative and forward thinking project.  Engaging with a new, young and modern membership base is one of the aspects of our expansion strategy and this type of technology really helps us reach out to this market”.

The SilverpointGo Travel Guide app, which features on the new electronic member’s pack, is available free and can be downloaded at

For more information about Silverpoint visit

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