Enduria Trav SL Affiliates to RDO

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14 Oct 2013

Enduria Trav SL Affiliates to RDO

RDO is pleased to welcome Enduria Trav SL, a registered travel agency based in Gran Canaria, into membership.

The company provides a full range of traditional travel products-flights, accommodations, cruise, car hire excursions, concerts, entertainment etc to members of the public.

The Enduria Trav. SL Atlantic Experience product is specifically designed to serve as a lead generator for the shared ownership sector in offering short term fixed reservation holidays in high quality resorts in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria-Atlantic Beach Club, Club Excelsior II,Club Primavera and Club Tisaya Golf.

Affiliated with the Travel Agents Association in Spain, it is now in its fifth year of operations.


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