Free tools from RCI to help affiliates do business

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26 Nov 2013

Free tools from RCI to help affiliates do business

The two free RCI online systems – designed to increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations, while taking some of the work involved, from enrolments to reporting – off the shoulders of resort operations staff are available to its affiliates.

Ruth Webb, RCI’s head of Club Strategy & B2B Product Development EME region, said: “New Owners at our affiliated resorts start their timeshare exchange journey by being enrolled into RCI’s exchange network, so the sooner this happens the quicker they can make the most of their timeshare purchase.

“This is where developers can benefit from EnrolNet, RCI’s auto-enrolment system for RCI Weeks members. The enrolments are processed via a website that replaces the current sales reports and forms that developers send to RCI.”

The advantages of using the system include:

  • It is available 24/7
  • Enrolments are processed immediately if payment is by credit card, or within 24 hours of payment by cheque or bank transfer
  • Multi-currency payment facilities are available
  • RCI Platinum enrolments are accepted, with automatic loading of Platinum fees
  • New owners get their RCI Member Kit faster to learn how to start using shared-holiday ownership
  • The enhanced ‘address look up’ system gives access by postcode and validates the member address to ensure correct data appears on their account from the minute of entry
  • ‘Status List’ tab with filters eases review and displays enrolment details and fee breakdown.

“It’s a great system that is really easy to navigate and use, and an online ‘Help’ prompt is available if operators need assistance,” added Webb.

RCI affiliates can find out more information from their local RCI Account Manager or online at the secure website address (for affiliated resorts)

The second free tool, also integrated with RCI systems, is RL2K – a live interface for the RCI Weeks system. Available around the clock, it provides direct access to resort and owner information, tracking and reporting on resort inventory management, and a facility to perform ‘real time’ transactions.

“This system means that much of the administration correspondence and emails involved in managing owners’ accounts, from bulk bank account inquiry to ownership verification, can be completed online, instantly,” explained Webb. “What we at RCI put into the system one minute, our resorts can see the next.”

RL2K contains a number of useful features that will ease the administrative burden on resort operations:

  • Instant maintenance fee blocking and unblocking – no need for any forms filling
  • Monitor RCI inbounds to your resort with access to the RCI Guest Arrival List
  • Access to owner information, including address and phone numbers
  • On-screen inquiries – ie: SPACEBANK Deposit Inquiry; Resort Units & Calendar Inquiry
  • Owner SPACEBANK and Exchange Information allows tracking of owner behaviours
  • SPACEBANK Deposit Verification giving control over owner deposits – a strong tool to control delinquency and encourage maintenance fee payment
  • Download and print reports directly from the system to take to meetings
  • Security and protection for your owners and your resort with a 2-step login requiring a username and password for each employee given access to the system.

RCI affiliates can find out more information from their local RCI Account Executive or support team, and can access RL2K at

“Understanding our affiliates’ challenges in the context of today’s markets is our priority and is key in the continual review and refinement of the services we offer,” said Webb.

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