Global children’s charity Christel House issues its annual report

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14 Apr 2016

Global children’s charity Christel House issues its annual report

Christel House, RDO’s nominated charity, has issued its annual report, thanking supporters for having helped transform the lives of thousands of children living in poverty around the world.

In addition to an education from kindergarten to graduation every child receives a wealth of other benefits including healthcare, food, uniforms, career guidance, sporting activity and life skills to help them overcome the barriers that poverty brings. The aim is to focus on the whole child rather than simply providing an education so that the students can become self-sufficient, productive and responsible citizens in adult life.

Fluency in English is seen as critical to help students’ future job prospects as many students start school speaking only their native tongue. Asha, a graduate student in Bangalore, India, said that when he first went to school he didn’t have a word of English but is now studying engineering at one of the best colleges in Bangalore.

“Our students are excelling academically and are learning the important life skills of planning and preparation – necessary for building a brighter future,” said Christel DeHaan.

With schools in South Africa, India, Mexico and Indianapolis, the daily attendance rate stands at 95% and a remarkable 98% of the 4,072 students helped by the charity passed their graduation exams. 91% of college and careers students have continued their studies or are now gainfully employed.

In India, with high numbers of graduates pursuing higher education, there are now employment opportunities for students with multinational corporations such as Dell and Microsoft.

Christel House

Every single donation directly benefits the children of Christel House as the administrative expenses are covered by founder and CEO, Christel DeHaan.

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