Hapimag To Open City Resort in Hamburg

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30 Oct 2015

Hapimag To Open City Resort in Hamburg

A holiday apartment right in the heart of the city, roomy, beautifully furnished complete with a fully equipped kitchen – this is a dream that members of Hapimag will be able to enjoy in Hamburg. The Swiss enterprise has converted a former Kontorhaus, i.e., a traditional mercantile office building, thereby creating 40 trendy apartments on seven floors, 25 of them with two rooms and 15 of them with one. The opening will take place on October 29th, 2015.

Hapimag’s 130,000 plus members have access to about 6,000 holiday apartments in 60 resorts in 17 countries, most of them in Europe. In Germany there is a choice between holiday destinations such as Sylt, where Hapimag owns four properties, Binz on the island of Rügen or Braunlage in the Harz mountains; additionally, there are the popular city resorts in Munich, Dresden or Berlin. There is always an excellent location, at the seaside, in the mountains or in cities from London to Vienna and Budapest.

Hapimag had 1,436 employees in 2014, when the enterprise generated operating revenues of 186,4 million EUR and made investments in its properties portfolio of 26,3 million EUR. The properties portfolio is valued at about 1,000 million EUR.

Hapimag is a founder member of RDO, joining in 1998.

For further information, contact Andreas Manhart, Head of Communication Hapimag AG, tel: +41 (41) 767 82 13, e-mail:

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