Interval International Tops 250,000 Facebook Fans

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16 Mar 2015

Interval International Tops 250,000 Facebook Fans

Interval International has announced its latest social media milestone: exceeding 250,000 fans on Facebook.  Growing at a rate of 18,000 new followers per month, Interval’s Facebook presence has grown by more than 60% in just over six months.

“Our Facebook page enables us to build our online presence, engage with existing members, and attract new audiences,” said Madeline Berges, Interval’s vice president of e-commerce and digital marketing.  “Thanks to our followers, who are actively sharing their input and ideas and interacting with our brand every day, our social reach has been expanding by leaps and bounds.”

Producing and posting compelling videos and images has been instrumental in Interval’s Facebook success.  Recently, the #VacationPerfection campaign, which showcased eye- catching imagery of the top 25 destinations visited by members in 2014, garnered close to 34,000 views.

Click here to view the video.

Interval has made significant strides in expanding its social initiatives, which also include Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin and Interval Community.  Launched in 2010, Interval Community was created to enable members to easily share advice and travel tips, along with other valuable information.  Five years later, with more than 200,000 participants across the globe, it is also a valuable asset. “By creating engaging experiences that inspire passion for travel, we have seen significant growth across all our platforms,” adds Berges.

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